Moving the Needle Forward: ResTech Systems Achieves Measurable Online Growth With Digital Marketing Services

Daniel Woody knew right from that start that One Firefly was the right marketing firm to lead his business into future growth and prosperity.

When he discovered One Firefly through HTSA at the end of 2020, he was already looking to change how ResTech Systems presented itself to the world. The ResTech team had spent the past six years working with a single-person organization for marketing services and Dan felt like they’d hit a plateau. Their marketing efforts were stale and unoriginal — the photos were old, the content wasn’t fresh or generating interest, and the team wasn’t seeing any return on investment (ROI) from the platforms they were on.

One Firefly was about to change all that. Since their marketing campaigns launched nine months ago in February 2021, ResTech Systems has seen an explosion of growth in brand awareness, online traffic, and positive online reviews. Keep reading to learn more about ResTech System’s success story.


Increase in website visits from organic traffic


Targeted keywords ranking on page one of Google (TRIPLE the number of keywords from one year ago)


New online reviews in one year

About ResTech

Residential Technology Systems (ResTech Systems) is a full-service integration company serving residential customers throughout central Minnesota, including Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Metro Twin Cities region. ResTech Systems has been in business since 2012, and president and founder Daniel Woody has been in the custom electronics industry for 31 years. The company specializes in home automation systems, smart lighting control, motorized window treatments, home security installations, home theater design, and enterprise-grade networking solutions for homes of all sizes.

The team at ResTech is passionate about showing homeowners the convenience, elegance, and sheer fun of living in a smart home. They work with their clients every step of the way — from design through long-term support — to deliver the custom technology solutions that make smart homes a joy to own and use.

Shifting Into the Fast Lane With Marketing

“If you do nothing, you will get nothing.” – Daniel Woody, President, ResTech Systems

Implemented Solutions

At the end of 2020, ResTech Systems signed on for One Firefly’s digital marketing growth package for monthly blogging and e-newsletters, organic Facebook management, and Facebook ad campaigns. Additionally, ResTech added Lead Concierge — One Firefly’s manned chat service — to their website to engage with visitors and capture leads online. Finally, ResTech signed on for Review Champ to bolster their online presence and reputation with fresh reviews from happy clients.

Content Marketing - Blogs

In February 2021, ResTech’s first blog article went live on their website. For nine months now, One Firefly has helped the ResTech team craft and publish high-quality blogs to build their online presence, educate potential new clients, and increase organic website traffic. They receive two blogs a month as part of their digital growth package.

The positive results speak for themselves. In just one year, ResTech Systems more than DOUBLED the number of keywords ranking on Google and TRIPLED the number of keywords ranking on page one.

From December 2020 to November 2021, they achieved the following outcomes:

  • 95 ranking keywords on Google (up from 40 last December)
  • 60 ranking keywords on page one of Google (up from 22 last December)
  • 2,668 website visits from organic traffic
  • 84% increase in new website sessions from organic traffic
One Firefly’s strategic approach to publishing timely, relevant, and fresh content that is SEO-optimized had helped ResTech grow their online presence and attract new visitors to the website.

Content Marketing - Social Media

Along with website content, One Firefly manages ResTech’s Facebook presence with weekly posts and ads as part of their digital growth package. Their Facebook page has seen a massive uptick in engagement since One Firefly started posting fresh and relevant content on a weekly basis.

ResTech has been very happy with the success they’ve seen on social media — so much so that they upgraded their services to include Instagram and LinkedIn management beginning November 2021.

Review Champ

When they signed on with One Firefly services, ResTech purchased Review Champ to collect more client feedback online. Review Champ is an end-to-end reputation management solution that makes it easy for integrators to ask clients for reviews via a simple text invite. Once clients write a review, they can publish it directly to the ResTech website and popular sites like Google, Houzz, and Facebook. Good reviews not only demonstrate trustworthiness and credibility, but they can also improve a company’s local visibility on Google.

From December 2020 to November 2021, ResTech has achieved excellent results from Review Champ:
  • 23 total new reviews (up from 4 before adding Review Champ)
  • 18 reviews with a five-star ranking
  • 91% positivity rate from reviews
With the help of Review Champ (and loyal, satisfied clients!), ResTech has been able to improve their online reputation and earn clients’ trust through a proven record of exceptional service.
“Since we first used Restech we always appreciate their efforts to continue ongoing top notch service supporting our systems. Their scheduler is often able to give us tips to solve our problems and works hard to schedule us asap and their technicians are clearly experts in getting the job done.”
– Google Review
“We have used several other home audio/ video companies in the past. None compare to the superior service and support that we have gotten through Restech. Highly recommend!”
– Google Review
“Since we first used Restech we always appreciate their efforts to continue ongoing top notch service supporting our systems. Their scheduler is often able to give us tips to solve our problems and works hard to schedule us asap and their technicians are clearly experts in getting the job done.”
– Google Review


ResTech Systems has seen several notable impacts on the company’s growth since they entrusted their marketing to One Firefly. According to Dan Woody, the phone has been ringing more, web conversions are trending upward, and other integrators in the area are viewing the ResTech website to size up the competition. As he told the One Firefly team, “I see it by conversions, and I see it about followers, and I see it about more awareness of who we are.”

On top of that, ResTech directly attributes at least five closed sales to One Firefly’s marketing efforts – and this number continues to grow.

The Power of Teamwork: Let’s Move the Needle Forward Together

“I wouldn’t have moved the needle how we’ve moved the needle without your team. That’s a true story.” – Daniel Woody, President, ResTech Systems

For Dan Woody, One Firefly’s team-oriented approach to marketing is just as valuable a service as everything else. In fact, the collaboration amongst the One Firefly team — “the synergy” as he says — is what captivated him from the beginning.

Dan finds tremendous value in the consultative approach One Firefly takes to finding the right programs for his business, and he views the monthly meeting with his dedicated account manager as vital for the success of ResTech’s campaigns. “It’s critical to keep the vision alive and healthy,” he says. For Dan, marketing is a constant work in progress that benefits from a meeting of minds to discuss new ideas, explore opportunities for growth, and adapt when necessary. “It’s important to be able to stop, turn, adjust,” he says about his ongoing campaigns. The collaboration, open lines of communication, and unified vision are the qualities Dan values the most from his partnership with One Firefly.

Dan’s Advice for Residential Integrators

Start right away! That’s Dan’s first piece of advice for residential integrators who haven’t taken the initial step toward marketing yet. His second piece of advice is to set up a consultation with the One Firefly team. Dan has seen the value of working with an experienced agency like One Firefly from the beginning, and he wants his fellow integrators to find the same success that he’s had.

Watch a few clips from Dan's full interview

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